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Stardust was trickier to catch than moonlight.

In order to survive on her own, twelve-year-old Rooney de
Barra collects precious moonlight, which she draws from
the evening sky with her (very rare and most magical)
lunar mirror. All the while, she tries to avoid the rival roughhouse boys and yet another, more terrifying danger: the
dark-hearted magician who's been disappearing children in the


When Trick Aidan, the worst of the roughhouse boys,
steals her lunar mirror, Rooney will do whatever it takes to
get it back. Even if it means leaping into a pool of darkness
after it swallows Trick and her mirror. Or braving the
Plentiful Darkness, a bewitching world devoid of sky and
stars. Or begrudgingly teaming up with Trick to confront
the magician and unravel the magic that has trapped
Warybone’s children.

Holt/Macmillan (2021)


Designed by Liz Dresner   Illustrated by Iz Ptica

Praise for The Plentiful Darkness

"Though the darkness is indeed plentiful, this book gleams with an eerie magic, its characters burning bright and fierce. A visual treat of a tale." —Stefan Bachmann, international bestselling author of Cinders and Sparrows


"Deliciously on-brand, with inventive magic, lyrical writing, and that just-right creep factor." —Kirkus

"An obvious pick for dark fantasy readers, this will also please fans of Kelly Barnhill’s The Girl Who Drank the Moon and Tahereh Mafi’s Furthermore." —Booklist

"Lyrical narration weaves a tale that's both haunting and comforting...for readers who love the creepiness of Coraline." —BCCB


"Part spooky, part fantastical, this is a strange little tale..." —School Library Journal

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